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©Images (detail) by N. Saji, S.Tanikuro, Y. Yokoyama, M. Nagano

Fourth Annual Exhibition

December 5 - 16, 2023
Tue-Sat: 11:00am - 6:00pm, Closed: Sun & Mon
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Ayako Bando • Vassilina Dikidjieva • Max Fujishima • Miho Hiranouchi • Ryuta Hirose • Kazuko Hyakuda • Yoshinori Kurimoto • Mariko Kuzumi • Miki Nagano • Nobuko Saji • Akiko SIACCA • Masami Takimoto • Sawako Tanikuro • Yayoi Yokoyama

PRINTS ON B'DWAY 2023, a year-end exhibition, features a total of 14 printmakers, photographers, and CG artists living in New York and in Japan. The artists present approximately 40 works created in intaglio, lithograph, woodcut, silkscreen, photograph, computer graphics, etc. They show a diverse world of expression by making full use of old and new printing techniques such as etching that pays close attention to the texture of details, woodblock that insists strong existence with sharp curves, and digital formation that embodies mysterious virtual space.

ギャラリーマックスでの年末恒例プリント展 PRINTS ON B'DWAY。今回はニューヨークと日本の版画家・写真家・CG作家ら総勢14名が銅版・石版・木版・シルクスクリーン、デジタルプリントなどによる作品約40点を発表。細部の質感にこだわるエッチング、曲線のメリハリが存在感を放つウッドブロック、仮想空間を具現化したデジタル生成など、新旧のプリント技法を駆使した多彩な表現世界を繰り広げます。